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Dave Mosch Lives Colorado Mining History Every Day

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Mining has been a part of Phoenix Gold Mine owner Dave Mosch’s life for as long as he can remember. As a fourth-generation miner, Dave has spent much of his life in and around mines. From his teenage days of discovering ore veins with his sister to currently managing the Phoenix, Dave has gained experience in several areas of the mining industry. He is a rolodex of information when it comes to geology, mining practices, and Colorado mining history.

Mining is in Dave’s veins just as gold is in the veins of the Phoenix. Dave’s grandmother was known as a great prospector, having discovered a mine west of Nederland. His mother was the first female to obtain two degrees from the Colorado School of Mines. His father mined the Phoenix and other area mines for decades. To say the Mosch family is part of Colorado mining history is an understatement. After purchasing the mine in 1968, the family began offering tours in 1988 to share their piece of Colorado mining history with visitors. More recently, Dave has passed his passion for mining along to his daughters who can be seen working at the Phoenix.

Born Into Colorado Mining

At age 14, Dave became a celebrity in the mining world and beyond when his sister spotted what would become known at the Resurrection Vein. He knew right away that there was something very special about this particular vein. Miners had been exploring the area for over 100 years, but had missed the Resurrection Vein.

Dave's young, but trained eye for geology came in handy that day with his sister. He noticed that the mineralogy changed between the Phoenix Vein and the Resurrection Vein. Word about the discovery soon got out and a Clear Creek Courant article led to a Denver Post article that led to multiple national news articles. The media proclaimed Dave an overnight millionaire thanks to the find. Although the overnight riches might have been an exaggeration, the Resurrection Vein was indeed an incredible discovery. It is not as wide, but the Resurrection Vein is five times as rich as the neighboring Phoenix Vein.

When it came time for college, Dave expanded his mining expertise and became a mining engineer. As a student taking graduate courses in mining practices and geology, he managed a lab at the Colorado School of Mines. Professionally, he has designed modern mines in Nevada, Colorado, and beyond.

All throughout his life, Dave remained involved with the Phoenix operations. In the 1980s, he and his father even blasted a cross-cut drift off of the historic mine. This painstaking work was completed 5-6 feet at a time. Dave Mosch can not only ramble off Colorado mining history factoids from the 1800s, but he is a part of the present and future of Colorado mining. Stop by the Phoenix Gold Mine for a tour and you might be lucky enough to learn more about Dave’s incredible life as a Colorado miner.

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