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Gold Panning

During the Winter or Rainy Weather, learn how to pan for gold in our underground water tanks at the end of your Gold Mine Tour! Come with your questions! Our staff is here to help identify, assist, and make your gold panning experience exceptional! You also get to keep what you find!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is it like to pan for gold underground?

A: We provide the unique experience of learning to gold pan underground! Gold panning lessons are given by our staff at our underground water tanks. They are supplied with Colorado gold and other gems that are naturally found in the creek. Guests are welcome to keep anything that they find!

Q: When is underground gold panning offered?

A: We provide this opportunity as an alternative during colder months when our creek is frozen over with ice or during rain and thunderstorms.

Q: Can I gold pan in the creek during the colder season?
A: During colder months, our creek is typically frozen over with ice. For questions regarding the condition of our creek, call 303.567.0422!

Q: Do I need to bring certain clothing for gold panning during the winter?

A: Since our gold panning tanks are underground, we recommend to wear jackets and closed toed shoes. Guest also must wear a hard hat while panning for gold underground.
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