Tours & Gold Panning Hours & Prices


Weather Permitting

Underground Tour & Gold Panning:
10:00am - 5:00pm
Tours Start on the Hour ​
last tour starts at  4:00pm

Adults (13-54)                         $22

Children (4-12)                        $18

Babies (0-3)                           FREE

Seniors (55+)                          $18

Veterans (show ID)                   $18

Reservations are Recommended




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The Lucky Bucket

The Lucky Bucket has been part of the mine tour for many years. The guests that take a tour can rub it for luck and put money into it to make a wish. We have heard from many about the luck they have received from this bucket. Some people say that their wish came true because they passed the test, were no longer ill, were able to have a child, fell in love with the person of their dream and the happy comments are endless. In return for the luck that the bucket has brought so many, we have passed on the luck to Easterseals by donating the money given to the Lucky Bucket.

The donations made by the Phoenix Gold Mine is in memory of our brother Victor. Victor had down-syndrome. He attended the Rocky Mountain Village Camp near Idaho Springs several times when he was young. Victor really enjoyed attending this camp which is specially designed for special needs individuals. Victor passed away on August 2, 2017 at the age of 41. He taught love to those he had the fortune to meet. The love he shard continues to live on through the generous donations made to the lucky bucket. Victor's father, Alvin, was also instrumental in helping Easter Seal's camp by constructing a nature trail for the camp. He also made may monetary contributions to Easterseals throughout the years with the support of donations made to the

Lucky Bucket.

- Dave & Beckie, Owner's

Easterseals Colorado Mission Statement

Easterseals Colorado is fostering an inclusive Colorado by ensuring all people with disabilities, older adults and caregivers have the programs and supports they need to live, learn, work and play in schools, workplaces and throughout our local communities.

As a vital resource for all people with disabilities, older adults and caregivers in rural and urban communities across the state, Easterseals Colorado provides programs and supports that enhance quality of life and create opportunities for greater independence at home, at work and at play. 




Phoenix Gold Mine

830 Trail Creek Road

Idaho Springs, CO 80452

I-70 Exit 238 & 239

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