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Creek side
Gold Panning

 Learn how to pan for gold in the gently flowing mountain creek located near the underground mine! Come with your questions! Our panning specialists are here to help identify, assist, and make your gold panning experience exceptional! You also get to keep what you find!

Gold Panning and Gold Panning with Gold Nuggets and Glissening Gold Flakes for Prospecting and Prospectors
About Gold Panning

​​Each each gold Panning Lesson is about 10 minutes long with one of our panning specialists which are provided on the hour and half hour. Then, decided how long you would like to spend in our creek! We provide gold pans to borrow, or bring your own. If you find gold or other treasures that you want to take home, we sell glass vials for your Colorado gold and gems to take home!

Diversity Friendly Gold Panning fun for a people and ethnicities including people of color
Gold Panning Q&A:

Q: What are the options for panning for gold?

  • Cold Weather Option: (or during Summer Thunderstorms) Gold panning lessons are given at our underground water tank. It has gold and  other gems that are naturally found in the creek. Then you try your hand at panning for gold! Guests are welcome to keep anything that they find!

  • Warm Weather Option: Lessons are given by our gently flowing mountain stream. Then you get to use the skills that you have learned to try your hand at panning directly in our creek! Guests are welcome to keep any treasures that they find in the creek! 

Q: Will I get wet and do I need to bring certain clothing for gold panning?
A: Only if you want to! Your feet don't need to get wet if stand on the edge of the gently flowing creek. If you want you to get in the water, you can get your feet wet or bring waterproof shoes or another set of shoes to change into.
Q: Can I use a sluice box in the creek?
A: Yes, you can bring your own special gold prospecting equipment or rent a sluice box from us. There are a few areas along the creek that we will guide you to that is away from the general panning area. Please call ahead to let staff know!
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