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Underground GOld Mine Tours

Take a guided underground gold mine tour! Our guides focus on the geology, history, mining techniques, & milling equipment; all while making it fun for all ages! Discover the beauty of our two gold veins (gold in its natural setting) throughout the tour.

Our tour guides do a great job at making tours personal, fun, and educational for all ages and abilities!


Experience open, well-lit passages, all while underground for the majority of the tour.

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Tours are 45 minutes to 1 hour! Gold Mine Tours take place all on one level, with about 500 feet walking distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Reservations are recommended but not required. Please keep in mind that we accommodate reservation guest first, and then our walk-ins. Our goal is to get everyone on a tour or gold panning with relatively low wait times. Parties of 10 and over are required to make reservations. Contact us with any questions or if you need help making a reservation!

Q: What is it like underground? Are any clothing garments recommended?
A: The temperature underground is approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit year around. The floors of our mine are dry, but there are mine cart rails throughout most of the tour. Because of these things, recommend a light jacket or sweatshirt and closed-toed shoes.

Q: Can I take pictures and videos while on the tour?
A: Absolutely! We love it when we are tagged on social media! However, we ask that you do not take videos of tours longer than 30 seconds.

Q: Are strollers allowed on tours?
A: Strollers are allowed. However, some strollers have been proven to be harder to move along the tour than others due to our mine cart rails. We have found that strollers with larger, rubber wheels have worked best!

The Lucky Bucket

Story of the Lucky Bucket

Easterseals Rocky Mountain VIllage
The Lucky Bucket has been a part of our mine tour for many years. Those who take a tour can rub the bucket for luck, and some even place money into it to make a wish. Stories have come back to us about the luck they have received from this bucket and the happy comments are endless. Several people recall how their wishes came true; how they passed a test, were no longer ill, were able to have a child, or fell in love with the person of their dreams. In return for the luck that has been brought due to the bucket, we have passed on the luck to Easterseals by donating the money placed into the Lucky Bucket.
At the beginning of each year, we donate the bucket's proceeds to the Easterseals Rocky Mountain Village Camp in memory of our brother Victor. This camp, located West of Idaho Springs, is specially designed for special-needs individuals so that they can experience the Colorado outdoors with as few limitations as possible. Victor had down-syndrome and attended the Easterseals Rocky Mountain Village Camp for several years when he was younger. He always looked forward to each time he got to go to camp. Victor's father, Al, had made several monetary contributions to Easterseals throughout the years with the support of donations made to the Lucky Bucket. Al was also instrumental in helping the Rocky Mountain Village by constructing a nature trails around the camp. With great sadness, Victor passed away on August 2, 2017 at the age of 41. He taught love to those who were fortunate enough to meet him. The love he shared continues to live on through the generous donations made to the lucky bucket.
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Lucky Bucket on underground gold mine tour
Al Mosch
Al and Victor
If you would like to learn more about the Easterseals Rocky Mountain Village Camp or donate, click the button below!
Dave and Beckie
-Dave & Beckie Mosch
Phoenix Gold Mine Owners
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