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Meet Mackenzie: The Colorado Native with a Heart of Gold in Idaho Spring

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The Rush of Gold in Idaho Springs

A Colorado native, Mackenzie’s “family has had property in Idaho Springs for well over 15 years.” Mackenzie’s fascination for gold in Idaho Springs grew over the years, but it really took off when she crossed paths with David and Beckie.

“I ended up really loving the family and David asked me if I had an interest in working for the Phoenix Gold Mine,” Mackenzie said.

At first, “it wasn’t meant to be,” but as the months went on Mackenzie reached out to the family and went on a tour. From there, the rush of gold in Idaho Springs took over and she never looked back.

The Colorado Native with A Golden Heart

Mackenzie has "been working for the Phoenix for about two months," but is excited for the summer where she can "get more time under her belt." Currently, she is the bubbly extrovert in the gift shop, but is hoping to get her "ATF license and Mine Safety and Health Administration, MSHA, [so she can] help expand the tour."

ATF or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is mostly responsible for administering and enforcing the criminal and regulatory provisions of the federal laws regarding destructive devices, explosives and arson. An ATF license allows the individuals of a company to participate in business connected to the importation, manufacture and interstate/intrastate sales of ammunition and firearms.

“What’s cooler than saying you work at a mine? You tour at a mine and you actually get to blast at a mine,” Mackenzie said.

Whether it’s growing her knowledge of mining, “getting a kick out of the kids getting really excited about gold panning” or seeing the guest’s faces when they learn about the history of gold in Idaho Springs. Mackenzie can’t help but have “[her] spirits brightened to see how excited they are.”

She is “a big people person” and loves being able to share that excitement with everyone who steps foot in the Phoenix.

Mackenzie’s Cabinet of Curiosity

Working in the gift shop, Mackenzie gets to see all the wonderful and unique gifts crafted and found in the mine.

“I love that we have old school spikes, horseshoes, ore from the mine. All types of gold ore in all different sizes!” Mackenzie said.

This cabinet of curiosities has had a profound impact on Mackenzie. She loves collecting ore and adding to her collection. Truly the rush of gold in Idaho Springs has brightened this already beautiful human.

“I love the fact we make our own gifts!” She exclaimed. “It’s so interesting to see all the different tools we find and know how they’ve progressed over time.”

Everything found in the Phoenix Gold Mine is used to create these unique gifts.

Mackenzie’s personality and excitement really shines through, the Phoenix is truly where she belongs! Next time you visit the Phoenix Gold Mine, make sure to stop by the gift bus shop and say hello to Mackenzie.

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