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Meet Tour Guide David D., Gold Mining in Colorado Expert and Fan Favorite

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

David has been a fixture at the Phoenix Gold Mine for six years. First working with Al Mosch, who purchased and worked the mine before passing it down to Al’s son and the current owner Dave Mosch. Throughout his years working with both Dave and Al, David grew an appreciation for the hardworking miners who came before.

“I feel like a little tiny, small speck knowing what those gentlemen went through over the years,” David said. “I feel privileged I get the opportunity to do it and keep fulfilling that history and keep that history alive.”

David is constantly surrounded by wonders working in Colorado gold mining

Although the Phoenix Gold Mine goes on for a little over two miles, the public only tours the first 500 or so feet. After that, the mine is unmaintained, meaning many hazards exist that could quickly turn dangerous. David worked in parts of the mine that are not currently accessible.

“In the lower levels of the mine there are a lot of beautiful minerals…” David reminisced. “There are stalactites of solid iron. We saw the copper sulfate running through the veins. Breathtaking, it truly is. You get to see mother earth in all the glory and beauty that she is capable of doing. Very awe-inspiring”

You would think these wonders of the underground would be why David loves the Phoenix. Although he loves witnessing sights unseen, entertaining the guests with history is the real reason David enjoys guiding tours.

“The people I get to meet every day, that is my favorite part,” David answered. “The guests I meet, the faces and the smiles. That’s what makes my day. Being in the mine that’s fun, I love every second of it, but the tours? That’s what keeps me going, it really is.”

Idaho Springs is one of the most historic mountain towns in the country

David preserves this history every day by teaching large groups and bringing interest in Colorado gold mining to a new generation of young people. David exclaimed:

I love big groups. The bigger the better. I become them; I talk about what they want to hear. I appeal to the kids and make it exciting for the kids and it’s not scary it’s fun. You can always teach an adult something but teaching a kid something is one of the hardest things in the world because they get bored so easily, so to be able to keep that attention span; that’s what I love to do. Summertime is usually the best. You get to gold pan in the stream, we give you a panning lesson and whatever you find you keep it.

With the summer almost over, be sure to visit so you can pan in our own panning area on Trail Creek for gold and other minerals. Afterwards, head over to one of David’s favorite spots, “I love Beau Jo’s. Love em’ to death.”

Be sure to visit the Phoenix Gold Mine Saturday, Sunday, or Monday to catch a tour from David! Give us a call at 303.567.0422 or book today at

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