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Gold Panning, Cute Critters, and Amazing Food. Oh My!

Phoenix Gold Mine is the perfect summer destination to enjoy family time and maybe even find some gold! Stop by Idaho Springs for a fun-filled adventure with adorable animals and glimmering gold. Witness Colorado history in a gold mine established well over 100 years ago. Now owned and operated by 4th generation gold miners, the history and impact of the landmark has been preserved for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to enjoy! Here are the most popular activities to enjoy during your visit.

Feeding the Chipmunks and Squirrels

Since 1988, locals and travelers alike have trekked to visit the small and fuzzy forest residents who surround Phoenix Gold Mine. For just one dollar, you can hand feed chipmunks and Golden Mantled Squirrels ‘til your hearts content. These critters are adjusted to humans and love to ask for food. What are you waiting for?!

Gold Panning

Finding gold has never been so fun! With lessons from gold panning experts, your pockets could be filled with garnets, quartz and even authentic gold. Unlike other gold panning destinations, our creek is naturally stocked by the surrounding mountains that are still rich in rare metals and minerals. This means you are panning the same source prospectors used from over a century ago. After the lesson, you could spend the whole day searching for treasure. When you find something valuable, head to the gift shop for a souvenir vial to show off your luck!

Underground Gold Mine Tours

The Phoenix Gold Mine itself is a rare treasure to behold. We are family owned and operated with a rich history that makes any day an educational treat. Wonder and weave through winding underground passages with each step bringing you deeper into the mountain. Our friendly guides know the mine like the back of their own hand. There is no doubt you will have fun, feel immersed and discover naturally occurring gold ore in the rocks below!

Good Eats

Adventure and discovery will make even the toughest of prospectors hungry. Feel free to come and go during your visit to feast on the most delicious food Idaho Springs has to offer. Ask the ticket counter for a coupon to Beau Jo’s Pizza, then enjoy your meal under our covered picnic pavilion to wrap up your fun filled day of gold panning and curiosity!

Open 7 days a week, year round. The Phoenix Gold Mine team looks forwrd to seeing you and your family! Visit us today at to schedule a reservation!

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