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Colorado Gold Mine Tours: Make Memories at The Phoenix Gold Mine

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Colorado Gold Mine Tours: Make Memories at Phoenix Gold Mine

Purchased in 1968 by fourth generation gold miners, the Phoenix Gold Mine is rich with history. With estimated over 100,000 troy ounces of gold produced from this mine, in 1988 we decided to share the history of the mine and our passion for the search by opening up Colorado gold mine tours where you can come see the mining process and learn how to pan for gold! The Phoenix Gold Mine is much more than just a tour though. See how you can carry memories from our Colorado gold mine tours with you for much longer than when your hard hat comes off. The Bus Gift Shop

As seen on the Discovery Channel, we turned a vintage bus into the perfect workspace for The Phoenix Gold Mine. Eventually this unique space was turned into a gift shop for everyone to enjoy! Filled with everything from beautiful jewelry to mementos, you’ll be sure to find a perfect gift to take home. If you enjoyed your gold panning lesson, we even assemble our own gold panning kits that you can purchase to continue the thrilling search for gold at home and practice your technique. You’ll be sure to find something unique in the Bus Gift Shop to forever remember your Colorado gold mine tours at The Phoenix Gold Mine! Luck to Take With You Within our Colorado gold mine tours at The Phoenix Gold Mine, you can visit The Lucky Bucket. Toss some money in and take the luck with you. We have heard endless happy comments about wishes coming true after visiting this extraordinary part of our tour. We even pass on that luck, by donating the money given to the Lucky Bucket to Easterseals. Come Start Your Colorado Gold Mine Tours Experience Today!

Whether it be the perfect gift, memento, or a bit of luck, experiencing the Colorado gold mine tours at The Phoenix Gold Mine will stay with you much after your tour ends.

Contact Us today or give us a call at 303.567.0422 to get your experience started. We can’t wait to share the gold!

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