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Stop by the Phoenix to View the Colorado Fall Colors!

Coloradans love to leaf peep, like REALLY love to leaf peep. 20% of the Centennial state’s trees are aspens and the Rockies' towering mountainsides provide the perfect canvas for splotches of gold and yellow. Every local has their favorite spot to view the Colorado fall colors and they usually keep these spots secret to ensure the normal crowds don’t spoil the fun! However, it’s not secret that we have the perfect leaf peeping area for family and friends right here at the Phoenix!

Location, Location, Location!

Denver is less than 45 minutes away from the Phoenix Gold Mine, just past Idaho Springs. The short drive is perfect for families to bring their children on a fun fall adventure! Our secluded slice of land has picnic tables available to all who tour with us. Grab lunch in town and enjoy it surrounded by the Colorado fall colors.

Afterward, you can buy a bunch of seeds for only $1 to hand feed chipmunks and golden mantle ground squirrels that live underground, below the yellow and gold trees! Moreover, you can go for your own gold by panning in our nearby creek! You and your family learn from prospecting experts before panning for real gold while enjoying nature's beauty. There really is no better place to view the Colorado fall colors.

When will Colorado Fall Colors Appear?

As August comes to an end, as does the days of 90+ temperatures and sunburns. September brings with it the beginning of fall on September 22nd. Colorado fall colors have been known to appear before the official start of fall depending on two main factors, temperatures and drought.

This year has been an interesting one for Colorado’s drought conditions. During the winter there was above average snowpack while June saw some wild heat waves leaving much of Colorado facing drought concerns heading into Autumn. Due to this, the front range may not see leaves changing until October. However, the Phoenix sits 8,200 feet above sea level meaning temperatures will drop faster leading to Colorado fall colors appearing earlier here.

With Autumn fast approaching, it is a good idea to plan out your leaf peeping adventure early. The Phoenix will likely have Colorado fall colors before the front range trees change in addition to the mining history and experience of gold panning you can’t find many other places.

We can’t wait to see you in September!

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