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Recommendations & Accommodations:

Q: Are there any places to eat at the Phoenix Gold Mine?

A: Picnics are welcome! During the warm season, we have a covered picnic pavilion that makes a great spot for lunch. We also sell drinks and snacks in our gift shop. Otherwise, feel free to ask our staff where they recommend eating in Idaho Springs!

Q: Do you allow dogs on the property?

A: Yes, dogs are allowed on tours and gold panning area. Dogs are required to be on a leash, get along with other dogs, and be comfortable around other people. We ask that you walk them before the tour begins and pick up any messes made while on-site. Other animals like cats and hamsters have been known to go on tours too! Please note that the Phoenix Gold Mine is not responsible to the loss or any harm done to your pet.


Q: What is the accessibility like for someone physically challenged?


Please call us at 303.567.0422 to discuss specific details so we can be the most accommodating to your party!

  • Underground Gold Mine Tour: The mine's openings are wide and the pathways are mostly flat. There are no steps but there is mine cart railing throughout most of the tour Some have been able navigate the mine with crutches or a walker. Manual wheelchairs have been accommodated with extra assistance. We provide a wheelchair on site that fits on the mine's walkways in the event that the party's equipment does not fit.

  • Gold Panning Lesson: We are happy to provide a stool or chair to sit on during the panning lesson. Just ask our staff!

  • Parking: We have handicapped parking spaces available beside our gift shop which is located near the mine entrances. Please note that our parking lot is covered with gravel. If creek side panning is open, you may also park alongside the road by the panning area for easy access to gold panning (please let one of our staff members know that you are parked there!)

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