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This page has been created to help keep Alvin Mosch fans up to date on Al's writing. I receive many requests per month on updates for his up and coming books as well as books now available. When most people meet Alvin Mosch for the first time, they realize what a fascinating man he is and just seem to need more information. A native of  Colorado, a life time of mining in the Colorado mountains and surrounding areas, only begins to tell the story of  this Colorado legend. The Mosch family has been continuously mining in Colorado since 1883 when Al's Grandfather began this noble occupation at the base of Long's Peak. At this time I can not give you an exact date as to when Al may release a new book. (RELEASED SEE BELOW!) No one, not even Al seems to know when another one of  his memoirs will become available, but I assure you I will be the first to know!  So as president of  the Alvin Mosch Fan Club, I too await the release of another chapter in the life of Al! Until then make sure you get your copy, of  the two books available now.

Gold Dust, Dreams and Life of a Miner $30.
New Release of the much waited for Memoriors of Alvin Mosch. The book is being offered as of Aug. 4, 2008. You may order it here or buy it at the Phoenix.

Hot Rock Derelicts $15 - The story of a very young Alvin Mosch, striking out on an adventure few people alive today, have ever experienced. After being Honorably Discharged from the United States Navy and not yet having reached his 21st birthday, he had returned home and was working at the Lamartine mine on Trail Creek. His boss at the Lamartine invited him to join an expedition party to search for uranium in Southern Utah. The story of  "Hot Rock Derelicts" is Al's account of the misfit crew and their adventures in this desolate area of  the United States .

Also included in this book is the story of  "The Hundred Dollar Bill." $15 At an elevation of  10,000 ft. in the Trail Creek Mining District of Colorado, sits the Poor Man Mine. Al and his crew attempted to reopen this historical mine known for its  rich silver deposit. Come along on this somewhat haunting adventure with Al as a young prospector in his never ending search for rich minerals and metals.

The Silver Senator  $15 -  High above Dumont on the Shady side of the mountain sits the Senator claim. A historical mine reported to have produced fabulous silver Ore during the 1800's. With evidence that considerable amounts of rich silver ore could still be had by mining this tunnel, Al worked on a crew building a new road to the very dangerous mine and then reopening the tunnel for working. Join Al in The Silver Senator for more on this great adventure!

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Please include a note stating: which book/s you are interested in and to what address you would like to have the book/s shipped. Books are $15 each (New Release is $30) with $5.50 shipping and packaging (Colorado Residents please add 6.9% tax) Al himself will ship your book/s out immediately upon receipt of payment. If you would like the book signed, put a note in with the Check or Postal Money Order to whom it should be made out to and I am sure he will oblige! (Checks must clear bank before books will be shipped. Perfer Postal Money Order.)

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